27 La Linda Drive

Long Beach, California 90807

Phone: 562-988-0638

e-mail: jasonbahret@jasonbahret.com

Work History:


Disney Shopping.Com: Senior Manager - Character/Design

Over Gallery, Toys, Seasonal and Softlines

Oversee Managers of above divisions and Assist in Character and Design Needs

    as well as Creative Management for Snow Globes and Disney Auctions


Disney Stores Inc.: Character/ Design Manager to Senior Manager                      

Manage and Mentor a work force of Character Artists including Artistic Design as well as personally design Toys, Gifts and Apparel.


Disney Stores Incorporated: Senior Character Artist                                        

Character/Product Design and Development in both Two Dimensional and Three                            Dimensional Media.


Disney Stores Incorporated: Senior Production Designer

Designer and On Sight Project Coordinator for Disney “show elements” used in creating the atmosphere in the Disney Retail Store Outlets. Sculptor, Designer and Illustrator for Store design Proposals for new, potential retail                        outlets across the country.


Disney Imagineering: Show Designer                                                                 

Designer and Model Builder for Typhoon Lagoon, Florida.

A member of the Design Team, Creation and Brain Storming Sessions for Euro-  Disneyland.


Disneyland - Entertainment Div.

Creative Artist/Designer-Entertainment Div.

Set Design for all live entertainment at Disneyland. Create and Sculpt Sets and Show Elements including Model Presentations. Create and Illustrate necessary visual design presentations for above.

Manage Special events at Disney Theme Park such as Easter Egg Hunt, Photo Set Ups, and Television Commercials.